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The Pantera means you are optimally prepared to meet any plant protection challenge. State-of-the art technology and management systems are brought together in this self-propelled sprayer. They constitute the Pantera concept for large farms and contractors and are an important part of intelligent plant production.

Intelligent in-cab management - In the spacious driver's cab with air suspended comfort seat and optimum all-round visibility  you always stay safe and relaxed even after a long day.

Intelligent operational management - Via the multi-function joystick and AMADRIVE operator terminal, the Pantera ensures a comfortable and simple operation. At the same time the AMATRON 3 on-board computer with integrated GPS-Switch and GPS-Track systems make life enormously easier.

Intelligent chassis management - The powerful 200 HP engine and the engine management with either  ECO or POWER mode results in the best fuel efficiency. And you travel comfortably as well via the infinitely variably, hydrostatic drive which goes from 0 to 40 km/h - and without a gear change.

Intelligent plant protection management - Thanks to the Super L-boom, with working widths of up to 40 m and Distance-Control automatic boom guidance, you can fully concentrate on the correct chemical application rather than the vehicle.

Optimum service - AMAZONE machinery stands for the highest efficiency and the best quality. With expertise and quick solutions our sales partners and AMAZONE service are always by your side.

More output in plant protection - AMAZONE offers various levels of specification for increasing the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of filling, transportation and cleaning out. AMAZONE combines these technical specifications for enhanced crop protection under the generic term "Speed-Spraying".

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Amazone UG Crop Protection Sprayer

For years the UG trailed sprayers with tank sizes of 2400 and 3200 litres have been the ideal entry into the trailed sprayer programme. These very lightweight sprayers with mechanical or hydraulic drawbar steering provide a huge scope for optional equipment and, mirroring the UX trailed sprayer series, the UG is also available in two specifications: The UG Special with a 250 l/min piston diaphragm pump and the UG Super with a 370 l/min tandem pump system which further underlines the AMAZONE philosophy of offering all farmers the optimum execution for their farming structure.

For an ensured accurate spraying operation, the Super-S boom is available in working widths of 15 to 28 metres. Their special profiled design makes them both ultra-sturdy and ultra-light. This enables operation with smaller tractors. For the safe and fast road transport the Super-S booms feature an extremely narrow transport width of just 2.40 metres even at the larger working widths.

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Amazone UX Trailed Field Sprayer

With the UX trailed sprayer AMAZONE has created a comparatively light, compact sprayer offering a low centre of gravity. The UX - at the pinnacle of quality - supplements the already existing programme of trailed sprayers. The UX family consists of four trailed sprayers which differ in tank size with those tank capacities offering a choice of: 3600 litres actual volume on the UX 3200, 4600 litres with the UX 4200, 5600 litres on the UX 5200, 6600 litres for the UX 6200 and 12000 litres for the UX 11200.

The UX 3200 and 4200 are available in either Special or Super execution, whereas the UX 5200 and 6200 are available in the Super version only. The main difference between the Special and Super is the pump technology: the UX Special is equipped with a single pump system whereas the UX Super is equipped with the bigger 430 or 530 l/min tandem pump system offering, for all tank sizes, outstanding flexibility, ready for every application technique.

With its 280 l/min single pump system the UX 3200 Special and 4200 Special, for example, are suited for mixed or medium sized farms that require a sprayer with a 3600 or 4600 litre maximum tank capacity and boom widths of 18 to 28 metres.

The Super execution is recommended when working with larger widths (> 24 m) or high spray rates (> 250 l/ha) where an increased pump capacity is required.

For working widths of 18 to 28 metres the UX Special can be equipped with the well-proven Super-S boom. On the UX Super with the tandem pump system working widths of 24 up to 40 metres are possible with the Super-L boom.

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Amazone UF mounted crop protection sprayer

AMAZONE plant protection equipment offers maximum modern spraying technology, reliability, stability and easy handling. The UF sprayers are available with four different tank sizes, the UF 901 with 1050 litres capacity, the UF 1201 with 1350 litres. The UF 1501 with 1720 litres and the UF 1801 with 1980 litres offer large tank volumes. In this way the bigger sized series combine the advantages of the mounted and trailed sprayers  in one implement. Particularly on smaller areas they impress with their manoeuvrability, simple handling yet achieving high acreage efficiency. The mounted field sprayers UF  with slimline tank offering a favourable centre of gravity are available in working widths from 12 to 18 metres with Q-plus booms and from 15 to 28 metres with  Super-S booms, depending on the sprayer type. Due to the special profile design AMAZONE sprayer booms are very light yet at the same time very stable. The light weight design allows the use of smaller tractors.  For the safe and fast road transport  the Super-S-boom is folded directly behind the spray tank to give a transport width of only 2.40 m even at large working widths.

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